Cleaning My Ducts Due To Asthma

I had to have my ducts cleaned because they were really affecting my asthma. I had no idea how important it was to have your ducts cleaned regularly. I have never had my ducts cleaned before because I thought duct cleaning wasn’t necessary so I usually just overlook it however, my asthma started to flare and has been the worst it has ever been. This started to worry me so I did a bit of online research and I found out that what might have been causing what felt like a sudden increase could be my air ducts.


This is when I called a professional duct cleaning company to come and inspect my ducts and find out for sure if this could be the problem. They did tell me that dirty air ducts are known to trigger asthma so it is a common report they receive. He had a look at my air ducts and dust was just flying out of it. I was so surprised that that much dust even managed to settle in the air duct. I never thought that it would be possible but I was wrong. I am so glad I had my ducts cleaned and I think you should too.

Which Ring To Buy

When it comes to buying a wedding ring how do yo know which one is the best for you? There are various styles and types of wedding rings in terms of materials and looks. Wedding rings can vary from gold, silver, steel and platinum. The most common wedding rings and one of the favourites are the gold wedding rings. Gold wedding rings are traditional rings that are just as popular as they were hundreds of years ago. Recently though the popularity of gold wedding rings have been on the decline due to another material that I have recently mentioned in this post.

platinum wedding ring

This material is platinum. Platinum is a very rare metal and is a lot purer than other metals. What makes platinum such a valuable material is that the platinum has a natural appearance and shine that is a lot better than its competitor materials such as silver, steel and white gold. Platinum is also very hard to extract from the Earth which also adds to the value. Platinum is usually crafted into the modern day platinum wedding rings whilst gold is usually targeted for the traditional jewellery.

Maintaining High Levels of Hygiene In The Kitchen

I own a fast foods restaurant that provides everything you could want from a fast food restaurant. I have worked very hard in developing this restaurant into what it is now and I must say I am very pleased with the way it is looking and the progress I have made with this fast food service. I seen a gap on in the market in terms of the area I wanted this fast food restaurant to be in and I knew that I could potentially create a restaurant that will thrive. My restaurant has been running successfully for just over 2 years now and I have been seeing great profits.


In order to maintain the high quality fast food we have to make sure the quality of the produce is high and the hygiene is up to standard. We recently had our kitchen ducts cleaned because they will gradually build up grease and debris. Kitchen duct cleaning is very important because they are a part of your kitchen where bacteria can form and spread through the air and possibly onto the food too.

My Feedback On Underfloor Heating

I had underfloor heating installed in my home a few months back and I have really been enjoying the benfits of installing this new heating system. I was reluctant to have this heating installed but I decided to go through with it because I heard on how good it is . What convinced me to go through with it was that my friend has underfloor heating installed too and he recommended me to install it too and also recommended me his fitter too.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has been great for me. I really enjoy how perfect it is for heating up your room equally. I noticed that I do not suffer form cold spots in my home since I installed it. Another thing I noticed is that the heating system has very little running costs and I have been saving money in the long run. I have saved around 20% on my heating bills and this heating system is miles better than my old one too. I recommend underfloor heating to anyone it is truly worth it.

Wondering What Sewage Treatment Is?

Sewage treatment is a process in which all our waste water is collected and purified from bacteria, waste and any sort of diseases that can be found in the waste. For those who are wondering what sewage is, I will explain very briefly. Sewage is waste water, the water is 99% water and only a percent of it is actual waste. So if you was thinking that sewage was just pure waste that comes from our toilets you are wrong. Sewage is partially that but mostly water that is collected from everywhere else too.

Sewage Treatment

At this point most of you may be thinking. “Oh my god, I had no idea my water came from sewage! I’m never drinking water again”. Don’t worry, calm down, the water has to go trough a very lengthy process to be completely clean and safe but it is perfectly fine to drink. The waste water is collected at a sewage treatment plant where the water is broken down till it is completely safe to release back into the environment. Sewage treatment plants are large industrial sites that purify waste water but sewage treatment plants can also be found in places like construction sites and woodland areas where there isn’t a direct sewage line. These are small on site sewage treatment units for temporary or permanent use.

Paper Shredders Are Great

I was looking to buy a paper shredder for general use in my home. The reason why I wanted to buy one was because I have a lot of paper work I keep having to throw out and it take up a lot of space. I don’t usually like to throw out my paperwork but I do like to recycle them. I was also told it is a very bad for me to throw out important documents in the recycling pile too because people can get hold of them and cause complications. These two points combined made me want to buy a paper shredder. I knew that the paper shredder will shred the paperwork into little pieces so they will be unable to read or piece together as well as taking up less room in my recycling pile.


I didn’t know where to start looking for a paper shredder so I started searching online and I found a paper shredder company who sells loads of shredders. The company is called Shreddygogo. I also bought my shredder of them too!

My Idea In Practice

I thought it would be a great idea to start on a loft conversion for my home. Why I wanted to have a loft conversion done is because I thought it would be a very good idea to make great use of an empty room in most of our homes and that is often forgot about and not used practically if used at all.

loft converison

I was interested in loft conversions for quite some time now. Although I was very interested in getting a loft conversion done, I was very reluctant to start on it because I knew it would be a lot of hard work and it would also be very messy and it is going to cost a fair bit to convert my loft on top of all the furniture and decoration costs. Bearing all this in mind I still wen through with it. It has been 3 months now since I have had a loft conversion done and I love it! The room just feels so comfortable to sit in and relax.

Start Driving Now!

Pass your driving test by taking driving lessons now! I recently passed my driving test by taking driving lessons in Birmingham. I had been taking lessons for 2 months and I have been driving for just under a month and already I am benefiting from driving.

Cartoon Car

By owning a car you get a huge sense of freedom that you simply cant have when you are unable to drive. When you are unable to drive you often find yourself using unreliable public transport or have to walk or even worse, having to ask people for lifts. I am so happy that I have finally passed my driving and that I am able to go almost wherever I want whenever I want. What makes it even better is that the car is under my control so I don’t have to worry about when I can drive it. If you haven’t started taking your driving lessons yet or you are currently taking lessons then you should continue and pass just like I have and many others have, believe me it is worth it.

For All My Paper Disposing Needs

I decided I wanted to buy a paper shredder because my friend told me she has one and it is perfect for disposing of any sort of paper work. She said not only is it good for disposing all sorts of paperwork it is also very practical too for destroying high security documents you wouldn’t want people to be able to see. After her telling me how good it is I wen over her house and had a look at the paper shredder and had a go too. I must admit the paper shredder is great and I had so much fun shredding stuff for some strange reason!


I was looking for a shredder online. I was after a paper shredder that will make sure the paper is completely shredded. I wasn’t sure about what sort of shredder I was after and what I would have to search for. I found a website that told me all the usefull information about finidng the perfect shredder for the job. I found out all of this information and the paper shredder at Shreddy GoGo.

Buying a Water Tank

I was looking at some water tanks online because I was in need of one for my back garden. The reason why I wanted a water tank was because they are ideal for storing large amounts of water. Another good thing about a water tank is that the water is easily accessible too and it can be placed wherever you like.


I found a website online that specialised in farming and drainage equipment. I found some water tanks that where very appealing. They came in a variety of different sizes, colours and shapes. I wanted a quite a large one as the main purpose of it is to water my garden to keep it looking healthy without it costing me an arm and a leg to do so. Another great thing about the water tank is that is a lot easier to monitor your water usage. This was perfect because I can essentially gage the amount of water I am giving to my plants and how much I need to give etc.

Looking For The Perfect Gift?

If you are looking for a gift idea for a loved one why not buy them a watch? I know some of you may be wondering at this moment in time on why I have mentioned a watch of all the possible gifts I could have chosen and that is a valid point that I will explain. A watch is an ideal gift for almost anyone, why? The reasons why is simple, watches are a practical accessory as well as being a very fashionable and personal accessory.

Million Dollar Watch

Watches can come in both watches for men and watches for women, making them an ideal choice for any gender. Watches are also very fashionable and can be found in a huge variety of different styles, designs and materials. Watches can also be worn to represent the wearers fashion sense or even their wealth status. If you are looking to buy your loved one a watch as a gift then you should visit They have a fantastic range of watches at very good prices.

Important News He Had To Share

I had one of my close friends call me over a few days ago, he said he had something important he wanted to talk to me about. This was a little worrying at first because as much as I wanted to know what he has to say or talk about, I really didn’t want to hear it just incase it had something to do with me or it would be something I would regret hearing. Fortunately it wasn’t as deep of a talk. You may be wondering what it is he told me now, I will tell you.

Once I arrived at his house we had a drink a few snacks the usual, then he told me. He asked me how my love life was with my partner, I have been together with for 3 years, I said it is fine and we are completely happy. He told me that he has been with his partner for 5 years now and he feels that she is the right one for him and h wants to get engaged. I was very shocked that he felt so much about her. He asked me where he should go to buy an engagement ring. I told him engagement rings jewellery quarter is probably his best bet.

Gold wedding ring

Looking For Jewellery In The Midlands?

Are you currently searching for jewellery in the Midlands? If you are then what I am writing about today is going to be ideal for you. It will help guide you to the best jewellery area you can go to in the Midlands. You may be thinking at this moment in time things like what is the place called? Where about is it? Do not worry it will all be explained.

birmingham jewellery quarter

One of the best places to go for jewellery in the Midlands is at Birmingham jewellery quarter. The jewellery quarter is the heart of fine jewellery in Birmingham and has been for many years. What makes the jewellery quarter such as great place is that the jewellery that is available here is fine high quality jewellery. Not only is the jewellery perfect at this place there is also many other jewellers that are in close proximity with one another so it is very easy to compare the jewellers and find the right jewellery you are after, quickly and efficiently.

On A Car Hunt

I was on a car hunt with my good friend called Leon. He has been a good friend of mine for a very long time and he wanted to replace his old car for a newer much more faster car. He decided to call me along so I can come and find a car with him because he didn’t want to go alone and he knows Like cars too.

Cartoon Car

I popped over to his house first and had a little chat about cars and what type of car he was interested in and how his job was and all that usual stuff. After we finished with the chatting we had a look online for car dealers near us. We was searching for used cars lichfield in hope to locate some car dealers and then, if we like a car, purchase one. We found a few car dealers near us and we spent the whole of the day just heading over to different car dealers to try and find a car. My mate wanted the car to already be slightly modified and he didn’t care what car it was really.

Our Biggest Decision In Our Relationship

We have decided it is time to tie the knot! After all these long, hard but fun years building our relationship and building our home we have finally managed to stay strong together and make one of our biggest choices in our lives. We have decided to make this choice together as we have been together for all these years and we do believe that we are right for each other. We have been together for 7 years in fact and it is quite scary to think of how long that is considering I am only 26! We are getting married in a 2 months time so we have more than enough time to prepare, thankfully.

platinum ring

Like all wedding you require a formal wedding suit and lets not forget the wedding ring! I was looking for a platinum wedding ring, because I know that platinum wedding rings are the best on the market. All I wanted was the best possible ring for her. I managed to find a very elegant yet fashionable platinum wedding ring and I do hope she loves it!

So Glad I Bought It

I had a massive clear out of my old paper work in my office. My filing cabinet was full of useless and random paper work that was no longer important. As I was going through the documentation in my filing cabinet I quickly realised that this type of documentation shouldn’t just be thrown out because of all the confidential information on them.


My only options was to either burn them, which is ridiculous, or pay to get them shredded. This is when I thought about purchasing a paper shredder for myself. II had a little search online to find a suitable paper shredder and I cam across a website called I purchased my shredder from them and it arrived very quickly.  It is ideal for disposing of paper and it is perfect for completely destroying documents so they are unreadable. I have made goo use of my paper shredder and I am so glad I bought one for myself as I can now keep up with my paperwork because shredding is so fun!


Pests Wanting Your Home

The las thing you want is for pests to take over your home, so it is very important you deal with them straight away. If you are wondering as to why I am making this point so clear and trying to aware others is because I recently recovered from a large infestation in my own home. The feeling of knowing that your are loosing your home to unwanted pests who are trying to make it their home. Having any sort of pests o your property causes you discomfort, this is a feeling you do not want to have in your own home. Your home is a place where you should feel safe.


What I had to do in order to deal with the pest problem was to call a professional because everything that I was trying didn’t seem to work at all. Pests can access areas of your home you can’t even see and reach  you wouldn’t even imagine whilst slowly destroying your property. Even when you think you have removed the pests, there could be hundreds more breeding deep un the foundation of your home. I had to call a pest control company who promised to provide me with treatment that will remove the pests. I found them by searching for pest control Birmingham.


Do You Clean Your Ducts?

When it comes to cleaning your ducts. You may struggle to see the reasons why it so important to keep them clean. Duct cleaning is often overlooked and is rarely touched by most people. If you are unsure of the reasons why duct cleaning is so important then I advise you continue reading this post as I will be covering these reason and much more.


Duct cleaning like all cleaning is very important for our health. This is where the question comes. Why duct cleaning? Simply because the ducts are what provides our rooms with air. Air that should be fresh and clean. By having dirty ducts the air quality that enters our property will be very polluted in fact, dirty ducts can cause the quality o fair within our properties to be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside. What causes this high levels of pollution is the build up of dust, debris, spider webs, bacteria, dead insects and mold. This is what then is spread into your property through the air.

We Are Still Strong

I remember when I was searching for wedding rings birmingham online and shopping around for them and struggling to find the right one was driving me crazy and I never thought we would ever get where we are today. You might be wondering what I mean by this and may be a little confused, don’t worry I would be the same and it will all be explained if you continue to read this post.

Gold wedding ring

We have been married now for a year, and to celebrate we went on a holiday to South Africa to enjoy the warm summer beaches and the tropical weather of this fantastic country. The feeling of being there was amazing and the whole reason of why we were there made it even better. While we were on holiday we started talking about how long we have been together and when we first dated as well as all the things we have accomplished whilst being together. These are the memories that stay with is forever and will continue to please us throughout our marriage.

I Might Convert My Loft

I was speaking to my friend who does loft conversions. He said he was working with a client who wanted a modern looking loft and fit in some designer style windows for them. He was also saying how nice there plans where that they had made.


The reason why he was telling me this was because I am every interested in loft conversions and I am also thinking about having a loft conversion done in my home. I have always wanted to have a loft conversion because I have always thought they look amazing and they are also very practical too. He was telling me how well the progress was going and how much room it was opening up in the conversion process. He also told me that my loft is ideal for a loft conversion because my loft isn’t too short in height. My loft is relatively tall so there isn’t any problem with movability. As of now I am still deciding on wether or not I should convert my loft.

Creative Marketing Techniques

I went to visit a printing company in birmingham because I was after new and creative techniques to promote myself and my business. I went o visit Big In Ink because I know they are the number one Birmingham printers and that they specialise in printing and innovative marketing ideas involving print. I noticed that they had a lot of experience in the past with graphic design too so I thought it would be a good idea to get some designs made too and perhaps get them printed as well.


I was looking for a unique way to market myself and I thought that if I be unique then my service may attract more attention. I was having a look through what they have to offer and I was really impressed with the the ideas they had. I really liked the personalised cut outs. I thought I could possibly do  something creative with them like have my company logo cut out and then placed in my office our outside perhaps. I am still looking yet but I got some really good inspiration form their ideas.

I Have Fun Shredding

I have a paper shredder at home and I love shredding thing with it. I just use my paper shredder for anything. It is so fun to use plus all the paper I shred goes to the recycling plant so it is eco friendly too. Because I love shredding paper so much I decided to do a bit of research on paper shredders.



To my surprise I realised the amount of paper shredders that are available. I didn’t think there was such a market for paper shredders. There are even paper shredders that range up to £700,000. I was so surprised. This curiosity all started from a low budget paper shredder used on my office to shred useless stuff so it is easier to dispose of and to reduce the chances of the information getting in the wrong hands. Do you own a paper shredder? Do you also have a lot of fun using one? I just want to know that I am not the only crazy one who has fun shredding paper. It is so useful and so fun.

Bathroom Tap Problem (Fixed)

I have had my bathroom done for around 3 years now and everything was okay until a few days ago. Recently I had a problem with my hot water tap. the water wasn’t coming out very little at a time, sometimes not at all! This was a serious problem because we need hot water in our bathroom to wash and clean our selves. We thought it would be problem that would sort it self out but unfortunately it didn’t. For this reason we had to call out a bathrooms and plumbing specialist who could hopefully sort out this problem.


He arrived the same day and had a good look at my pipes and the tap itself. He noticed that there was a blockage in my hot water pipes this was causing there to be a huge pressure build up that had lead to a slight leak of the water. This is why we weren’t getting any hot  water. He fixed the problem the same day and now we aren’t having any problems with our hot water which is great!

My Injury At Work

So I was sent to a Birmingham chiropractor. Right now you are probably wondering why on Earth I was sent to a chiropractor, which is okay, I probably would be the same, if your are interested in why then continue reading, if not, then it is your choice.

So, the reason I got sent to a chiropractor in birmingham was because I injured my back at work while I was trying to lift heavy building equipment. I was told I shouldn’t lift heavy equipment like that on my own but I did anyway and have been doing it for while without any trouble so I guessed I would have been okay, I regret it now though.


I have to visit a chiropractor to get regular treatment to help this pain go away and to guide my back to heal correctly. Back related problems are treated very seriously because severely damaging your back can cause you to have troubles walking, you may not even be able to walk or even worse. Severe back problems can leave you paralysed.

So Much Easier To Maintain Now

I wanted to install a tap in my garden so it is a lot easier for me to maintain my garden because I do love gardening and I had to guide a hose pipe from my front garden through the house and lead it into my back garden. This was a pain and inconvenience for me so I thought it would be  much easier if I just get a tap installed in my back garden so it is easier to use the hose and the sprinkler.


I have been struggling this way for a long time and never really thought about installing a new tap. But recently I gave it a thought and now I am very interested. I know a good friend of mine who does plumbing and land drainage, I gave him a rang to see if he could sort it out for me and he said he wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. The installation of the tap was fairly easy and now I wish I just done it earlier.

Very Surprised With My New Purchase

I recently purchased a hot tub and I must say it was on of the best purchases I made recently. Why I am so surprised with this purchase because I am not a smart shopper in the sense that I just buy whatever I like and do not care about the price. Usually it’s clothes and useless household ornaments or products that I only use like once, ever and I always wonder to myself why on Earth did I buy it.

This hot tub though that I recently purchased changed everything! What I love about the hot tub so much i that it is very practical as well as being a luxury not many people can afford to have in their homes. The relaxation and relief you get from sitting in a hot tub is just unreal. I love every moment of it. My hot tub comes with a TV screen, cup holders and a few seats. I didn’t even think that hot tubs UK like mine even existed but I picked mine up at a fairly good price too.

Luxury Hot Tub

I have had my hot tub now for a good month and I already don’t know how I could live without it! My mates have been around a few times just so they can use it. I think I might have to start charging them! That would be funny.

Are Homes Are Prime Targets For Pests

Our homes are our places where we can always rely on having warmth, comfort, shelter from the elements and for it to be a safe place for us to live. This can be interrupted by pests and they can start to cause an inconvenience to your everyday life. Why can pests do this? How can they do this? Might be the questions flying through your head, but the answer is very simple. Just like us, pests are looking for the same condition that we have in our homes e.g. save place to live with warmth, food, shelter etc. They can quickly adapt too your home and make good use of it without you knowing causing you to only realise you have a pest problem when you start seeing a bunch of the same kind around your home. If you have a pest problem it is important you call pest control to sort the problem out as they are an inconvenience as well as bad hygiene factor. You should follow guides online for pest prevention techniques. Most of the information you would find on these guides are:


  • To avoid leaving out food
  • Be sure to keep your floors tidy and clear of any food droppings
  • Don’t allow there to be any damp spots in your home ( this can be a source of water and a home for certain pests)
  • Good housekeeping is ideal
  • Be sure to put pesticide in easily accessible places for bugs. For an example, patio doors and garden doors.

If you do have a pest problem it is important you call a pest control company near you. A good way to find  a company is by typing for example Pest control Birmingham into a search engine to deal with the problem. I had a problem with pests so I had to call pest control lichfield.


how I saved money on water

when it comes to watering my garden I found that it started to cost me a substantial amount of money to water my garden using my garden hose. I didn’t think that watering my garden would even come close to making up half of my water bill but I was really in a shock. Due to these very expensive water bills and my love for gardening I decided it would be good to do some research on how I can start to save money instead of wasting it through my use of water.


I came across a great way that sounded viable for my situation and that was to purchase and install a water tanks. From what I read about, water tanks are ideal for storing large amounts of water while saving you a lot of money. The reasons why it saves you money is because you can collect rainwater through them and there is a limit to how much you can use from it. You can also place it wherever you like. Thinking about it, it’s quite simple really, use less water save more money.

Tap in My Back Garden

I wanted to fit in a water tap in my back garden so it would quick and easy for me to access water. At the moment I have to go into my kitchen just to get some water in a bucket and then use that to water my garden and as you can imagine this is very time wasting and just not a convenient way to equally spread water across my garden. Most gardens do tend to come with a tap that leads into their garden but for some reason mine didn’t. For this reason I decided to call a plumber who could hopefully help me by installing a tap in my garden for water access.


I called a plumber over to have a look if he could do and if it was possible for him to do it the same day. The guy was one of the nicest plumbers I have ever met and he was very well mannered he had a look at my piping and said it wouldn’t be a problem and that he would get it done in a day. This was ideal for me and he stuck by his word. Having a tap in my garden has made my life so much easier.

Solution To Our Heating

I was having a lot of issues with my heating, the family and I was really starting to feel uncomfortable in our home. The heating in my home was really insufficient, we were suffering from cold spots and the heating wasn’t giving out enough heat as it was suppose to. For this reason we decided to have a look around for a new heating system. A system that would hopefully do what we ask it to do without leaving us with no money left to do other things like take my family out etc. You may be thinking at this point that that is a bit of an exaggeration but it seriously was that bad at one point.

Underfloor Heating

We had a look at some heating suppliers and we also had a few words with some of them to get some advice. They said to me that I should install underfloor heating because it is a lot more efficient that central heating and it costs less than than central heating to run and I will benefit from warm floors and equal heat distribution too. This was great news for my family and I so we will be getting it installed very soon.

Cheaper Alternative

I use to visit a spa every weekend, just so I could truly relax and try to get rid of all my weekly stresses. I really enjoyed visiting the spa and I always said how good it was when I got back but like recently I realised how much money I was actually spending on this service and I was very shocked. Spas are great for your body they truly are but the price is extortionate. This is when I realised I need to find an alternative way to relax when saving some money at the same time.

Luxury Hot Tub

I did a bit of research and came across some hot tubs. I loved hot tubs that one of the things I used a lot when I visited the spa so I thought I could benefit from purchasing a hot tub . Cheap hot tubs are hard to find but I found one nonetheless, my hot tub is very nice it black and white and has 5 seating arrangement and cup holders etc. With this hot tub I save a large amount of money because this is a one of payment where as the spa was continuous.

I Found The Right Car

I finally have enough money to upgrade my car to a much better one. I had a browse through the auto trader to see if I could locate a dealer who had I a car I was after near me. The car I would prefer is BMW 1 series or an Audi A3. I am not too fussed about the price range or miles on the clock as long as its reasonable and near me, I am happy.

Auto trader helped me a lot to guide me to a dealer that wasn’t too far from me but the one that was was in lichfield. They had a BMW 1 Series in black with everything I was looking for and it was a car dealer staffordshire. I popped round to see the car and I was very surprised on the condition of the car as well as the price. I gave it a test drive and was very pleased with it so I decided to purchase it straight away. Now I have a new car and it’s the one I wanted too.

Tips & Tricks To Stay Warm

When it comes to heating up your home this winter you may be worried about your heating bills due to the constant use of the central heating. What I will be writing about today is ways in which you can save money while staying warm with a few interesting tips and tricks a long with it.

Here in the UK, we suffer from colder weather. Here we do not get much sunshine. For this reason we feel like we have to constantly crank our heating up in our homes just to stay warm. This can be very costly and there alternative ways to stay warm such as, wrapping up in more clothing, sit under a blanket, use portable heaters or you can upgrade your insulation in your home.

Underfloor Heating

One great way to save money while maintaining constant heat is by installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is usually powered by electricity thus making it cheaper. It also runs on low temperatures and provides you with warm floors as well as warm rooms. With an underfloor heating system you can save over 30% on heating bills and that is even with it being constantly on!

The Guide: Designer Watches

Designer watches are the most popular watches in todays society. There are thousands to choose from all vary from styles, shapes, colours, materials, genders and even purposes.

Million Dollar Watch

Watches are a great fashion accessory and they can also make an ideal gift for a loved one. If you are looking for a designer watch there are a few things you will need to know before you start searching.

  • First of all you need to know what you are looking for and find a designer brand that specialises in that particular style
  • Secondly you need to find a designer brand you can afford, there are many designer brand out there, some even range up to £1,000,000 plus. I know that is an extraordinary amount to spend on watch but there is obviously a market for it otherwise they wouldn’t produce them.
  • Thirdly locate the right jeweller near you who offer proof of authenticity when you purchase your designer watch

There will always be the perfect designer watch out there for you, it is just a matter of time until you find it.

Do you ducts need cleaning?

you air ducts are one of the most overlooked places in your home when it comes to cleaning and maintaining even though, our air ducts provides us fresh clean air to breathe and live healthy. One of the reasons why your ducts can get overlooked is because they are usually out of sight and not easily accessible. Having dirty ducts will have a severe impact on the quality of the air you breathe. Over time without regular cleaning your ducts will start to gather up a lot of debris such as, clumps of dust, spider webs, dead insects, insect droppings, mold and the worst of all bacteria and infections can be be produces and linger within your ventilation system. Without treatment the quality of the air flowing through your ducts can be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside.


Due to these and other reason ductwork cleaning is required. It is especially important for your kitchen ducts because the dust and debris along with the bacteria can spread through the air to your food. Kitchen duct cleaning is also vital for those in the catering business.

The Place to go for engagement rings

I have been shopping around like crazy for a really unique and stylish engagement ring but I have been struggling to find such a ring anywhere.  I spoke to a few family members and friends on if they could give me some advice on where to look for an engagement ring I was looking for. My friend advised me to visit Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.

Gold wedding ring

I was told the jewellery quarter was the best place to go to because the variety the place has to offer and this place is up market so theres more fine jewellers. So I went to look for engagement rings Jewellery Quarter and I was very surprised with the variety of different styles there were. Every jeweller pretty much had their own style of jewellery so I spoilt for choice! I knew I came to the right place and with a little bit of shopping I found, what I believe to the perfect engagement ring

Hand Crafted Fine Jewellery

If you are looking for fine jewellers in your area and you are looking for jewellers who offer hand crafted luxury jewels, you might realise this can be quite a tedious task. There are many jewellers across the whole of Great Britain but approximately 85% of those jewellers offer you the same sort of jewellery at the same price, however this isn’t a bad thing. This saves you from having to travel from one part of England to another part just for a specific piece of jewellery, this can be a problem for those who are looking for fine hand crafted jewellery.


I live in leicester so I was looking for hand crafted jewellers in Leicester. The reason why I love hand crafted fine jewellery is because the attention to detail in each piece. I found a perfect jewellers in my area called Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery. The have a wide range of unique jewellery and so many collections to choose from. They cover many other areas too across the nation. I recommend you check them out to find fine jewellery in your area.

Tired of Your Busy Life

If you are anything like me you probably are tired of working hard, you might also feel like you never seem to get a break from your tiring and busy lifestyle but you can’t simply relax in your own bed.  If you are similar then would you ever consider purchasing a hot tub? Hot tubs are simply brilliant, theres nothing like the sensation you get from a hot tub. I am so pleased with the one I bought. It is ideal for just relaxing in luxury. It is miles better than having a long shower or just a soak in the bath, the reason why a hot tub is better is because the warm bubbling water and the carefully positioned jets target your troubled areas and the water isn’t just motionless like a bath. Hot tubs are quite expensive but if you like around enough you will be able to find cheap hot tubs.

hot tubs

Still not convinced? Why not take a look for yourself at for hot tubs UK.

Learn to Drive at Your Pace

Are you tired of relying on public transport? Do you want to be able to get up and go whenever you like? If so then I think it’s time you start learning how to drive. There’s so many people on the roads these days so why miss out.

Driving isn’t hard whats why so many people are currently driving. Driving is a quick and convenient way to travel. It accessible at anytime, shelters you from the outside environment, can keep you entertained and is a lot more reliable than public transport. Lessons aren’t cheap but if you van find a driving instructor that offers you a great deal as-well as being a a good instructor who you can get along with is always a good idea. I used a driving instructor in Birmingham. He was a great instructor, he gave me tips and taught me at my pace rather than slowly teaching me and making me spend more money. I have been driving for 8 months and I don’t know how I could live without my car.

My New Flooring

I was having some flooring work done to my house, I wanted to remove all my horrible old carpets and replace them with laminate flooring. As you can imagine removing the entire flooring was a nightmare because I had to move all the furniture and it was generally a lot of work. My friend, who was helping me remove the carpeting and shifting furniture, suggested I should install underfloor heating. He said you might as well seeing as though the hard work is done (removing all the flooring and moving furniture).

Underfloor Heating

I gave it some thought after doing a bit of research on the benefits of the system and the negatives of the system and I was quite surprised on the amount of positive feedback it was getting. I called up an underfloor heating guy to give me a quote on installation and costs.  I decided I wanted to have the heating system fitted. It’s been a month now with the underfloor heating and my partner and I love it. We also had the radiators removed which opened up more space too.

Optimise Your Business

I am a proud business owner, I have been running my business successfully but I decided I wanted to broaden my market nationwide. I had my website designed by a professional web design company who made me a nice looking modern website design which was user friendly and simple. I am really pleased with the website design but over time I noticed I wasn’t getting much website visits as I anticipated.


I did some research on why this was the case and I was getting recommended to get SEO for my website. Search engine optimisation is a great way to get your website to the top of the ranks on google. So I searched for SEO in Leamington Spa and luckily for me I found a company that promised me they will do the best they can to help my website get the recognition it deserved. I was so surprised within 1 month I was on the first page of google search! My website visits increased by 70% and my revenue definitely increased. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Importance of a Drainage System

Many farmers may be unaware of the damage not having a drainage system can have on your harvest. Water is a one of the most valuable resources on this planet, almost everything needs water to survive and thrive, but as the saying goes, too much of a good thing, it’s correct. We need water to live, but if we drink to much water at once it can be fatal. This is the same for most things, so when it comes to farming you have to make sure your harvest isn’t drowning by excessive water. If this is the case then you are not only losing money but you will be destroying a valuable source of food.

underground drainage

The best way to solve this issue is to have a suitable drainage system to allow excess water to be shifted away preventing your crops from drowning. A popular system is an underground drainage combined with a land drainage system for easy and efficient drainage of excess water, allowing your vegetation to grow healthy and profits will rise.

Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery

What is Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery?

We are fine jewellers who are originally based in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and and brought along with us the heart of Jewellery Quarter to the town of Warwick



The Original owner and founder of Hamlingtons was George Hamlington founded the business in the 1940′s since then it has passed through 3 generations of the family and is currently owned by David Hamlington

“With our renowned expertise and creativity we have established a reputation for producing the highest quality hand crafted jewellery”

Our friendly customer service is our main priority and we fully understand the importance of finding the right piece of jewellery to suit your style.  We manufacture our own jewellery so its unique and this cuts out the need for a middle man, our jewellery is also well priced.

We hope you find exactly what you are interested in when you call into our store with bespoke, fashion lines, antique pieces and giftware all readily available online or in store.


Visit our website for more

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